What Do Tarot Cards Tell Us? Meanings of Tarot Cards
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What Do Tarot Cards Tell Us? Meanings of Tarot Cards

Jul 27, 2022

What Do Tarot Cards Tell Us? Meanings of Tarot Cards

The word that is accepted as the origin of tarot, a word that dates to Italian, is the discourse called tarocci. When we look at its history, contrary to popular belief, it extends to India and China, although it is not Europe. It is difficult to give an exact release date, as there are sources that say it dates to Antiquity.

It consists of 78 cards with different meanings and interpretations. Only 22 of these cards are called major peers, while the others are called minor peers.

The person who will read the horoscope should have high energy, experience, and knowledge of basic sciences. After focusing, the person who wants to get the fortune-telling is asked to draw 3 cards as he/she wants. These cards are called self-cards.

These cards give information about the personality and character of the person, but not what they are curious about. The opening cards are the cards that are important in terms of understanding the general temperament of the person.

What Do Tarot Cards Mean?

Any magic practice is based on the Hermetic philosophy of the axiom. Accordingly, the entire universe is contained in a tarot deck, and each card represents a person, place, or event. These symbols are depicted on both Major Arcana cards denoting greater secrets and Minor Arcana cards denoting lesser secrets.

1.      Major Arcana

Major Arcana cards are monumental, ground-breaking effects. They mark our journeys and each stand alone as a powerful message, representing life-changing movements that define the beginnings or ends of cycles. These dynamic cards mark significant moments of transformation. The cards are numbered to represent stations on our greater journey through life. the order in which the cards are selected in sequence reveals the passage of time

2.      Minor Arcana

Minor Arcana cards reflect everyday matters. These cards show ordinary people engaged in ordinary activities such as dancing, drinking, sleeping, or fighting. They suggest action that occurs during smooth transitions triggered by human behavior that may be temporary or have only a minor impact.

What Does Tarot Horoscope Do?

The Major and Minor Arcana cards as a whole form a pictorial language. It should be considered that the answers we seek are in the nature of the deck, where each card represents a person, condition, or possible outcome.

Because no hidden puzzles and enigmas are associated with the tarot, the ability to understand meaning depends on your own narrative structure. That's why the tarot reader benefits not only from the cards but also from her/his intuition. A tarot reader’s interpretation also has a serious effect on fortune telling.

Before any tarot horoscope reading, it is necessary to make sure that the deck is shuffled. Feel the physicality of the cards in your hand by visualizing your question during a tarot reading. If you are reading the cards for another person, use this thoughtful moment to get to the root of their situation and help you formulate specific questions for them.

You can wait for any time you want. Cleaning the deck is a critical first step in reading tarot cards, as it is thought to open the way between the spiritual dimensions. When you're ready, divide the cards into thirds and rearrange the deck face down. Get ready to draw cards for fortune telling on your favorite fabric.

Tarot Cards and Energy

All life is energy. They are currents of power that mix to form the patterns of our lives. Tarot readings reveal the accumulated energies that go into a certain scenario since each tarot card represents a particular kind of energy.

Your activities and intentions link the moment's energies with the cards to form a picture during a reading. The cards capture energy currents in and around you as you shuffle and cut.

At any moment, these energies can be felt on different levels. Some will be strong, others less so. Some will just enter your life, while others will go away. How you use these energies depends on all the factors that affect your condition.

Some Major Arcana Cards’ Meanings

1.     The Hanged Man

This card means sacrificing what you have in order to achieve better. On the other side, spiritual sacrifice demonstrates a commitment to worship. Perspective on events and one's thought system might alter drastically. For example, his private life and business life can change completely.

By putting their own needs first, the person may quit placing others' needs before their own. However, if this card is picked together with other cards that have dark connotations, it may be read as going to prison or being falsely accused.

2.   The High Priestess

This card indicates that one is more secure in self-created stability and conveys protection, experience, and caution. When it comes to financial freedom, she recommends being pretty patient and textual. It displays professional achievement, a desire for luxury, an appreciation of beauty, and a feeling of ownership over the person or object they like.

3.   The Magician

The literal meaning of the magician's tarot card literally means will. The elements and powers that the card represents indicate that the person will show a very serious will to achieve their desires. You should not hesitate to use your will with all your strength. It tells you that you can overcome all difficulties with your will and that you will always achieve what you want.

4.     The Devil

When the devil card is upright in a Tarot reading, it symbolizes fall, unexpected failure, quarrel, violence, disaster, a moody person, and strange or awkward experiences. The Devil card warns you not to be too restrained, but to be passionate and ambitious. You are restricted because you are allowing yourself to be.

Some Minor Arcana Cards’ Meanings

  1. The Suit of Cups represents emotions, intuition, and creativity. Trophy cards often show your emotional connection to yourself and others.
  2. The Suit of Pentacles represents business and material events. Talisman cards often predict career and wealth.
  3. The Suit of Swords represent your thoughts, words, and actions. Sword cards often predict your ideas and decisions.
  4. The Suit of Wands represents energy, motivation, and passion. Wand cards often Predict your life goals, spirituality, and new ideas.