ARTUCKY jewelry is usually made of 925 silver. As long as proper and regular maintenance is done, the life of the jewelry can be extended. To enjoy this beautiful and unique gem as long as possible, you should follow some basic guidelines:


Whenever possible, avoid wearing rings and other jewelry while gardening, playing sports or swimming (salt or chlorinated water).


Remove jewelry before going to bed and showering (It is important not to get the jewelry wet to preserve the gold bath, soaking it will shorten the bath time).


Perfumes and sprays can cause jewelry to lose its shine. We recommend using perfume, hairspray and other cosmetics before putting on the jewellery (the contact of such substances with gold-plated jewelery is extremely harmful to the protection of the jewellery).


Since exposure to these factors can damage your jewelry, we recommend that you do not leave your jewelry exposed to direct sunlight or in humid environments. We recommend that you give your ARTUCKY boxes a second life by using them as jewelry boxes.


Use a jewelry cleaning cloth to buff lightly tarnished areas and remove dullness, restoring the jewelry to its original shine.


To clean it, you can use a small amount of neutral soap mixed with warm water and gently rub your jewelry with a soft brush.


Gold-plated silver jewelry should be gently cleaned with a microfiber cloth only, special for jewelry cleaning, without applying any liquid or product.



Most of our jewelery is hand-painted with enamel to give it a colorful oil painting-like appearance. These jewels should be protected with special care, spraying the enamel with cleaning products and other abrasive substances that may affect the beauty of the paint should be avoided, and they should also be protected from impacts, objects that may scratch it, and constant friction.


Also, avoid soaking the jewelry as it can degrade the quality of the paint.


In the case of resizable rings, particular care must be taken when magnifying or adjusting the jewelry, as a sudden change in size can crack the enamel.


The tarnishing of silver is a natural and reversible process that occurs mainly when it comes into contact with sulfur particles in the air. Silver is a reactive metal that can react with various agents such as perfume, chlorine, make-up, hair sprays, onions, eggs. Even the PH of our skin can darken silver. If your jewelry is dark or appears distorted, it is not because of the quality of the material. This wear is due to the reaction of silver by forming a thin layer around the metal, which has a protective function.


There are several products available for cleaning silver and restoring its original shine to your jewelry, but there are other methods of cleaning jewelry using products found at home.


Water and salt: Pour a tablespoon of salt into a pot of boiling water, soak the jewelry overnight, then dry the jewelry carefully with a dry cloth the next day.


Baking soda with white vinegar: Add a tablespoon of baking soda to ¼ cup of white vinegar, the mixture will foam, when the baking soda is completely dissolved in the vinegar, add your jewelry to the mixture and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Remove the jewelry and dry it with a dry cloth, rubbing it carefully to remove the product and the tarnished layer.